Plant Pot Makeovers with Painter in Residence 2018

Here is 2018 Painter in residence Hester van Overbook talking plant pot makeovers! The perfect mini project with Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

Concrete succulent pots


Turn your recycling into colourful succulent pots! Plastic containers make great moulds for little planters and by painting the inside before pouring the concrete you can create a lovely abstract print.

Some Chalk paints were more successful then others, general rule is the stronger the pigment the better the result. I love how the black and red pot came out. Yellows worked less well but you can always add a bit of extra colour after your concrete has cured.

It’s always a surprise when unmoulding your pots to see which ones worked and which didn’t. As you can see in the video even though I make a lot of these pots even I’m not always successful either! To have a better success in getting your planters out in one piece don’t make the rims and base to thin. You can also use a bit of cooking spray on the outside of your inner mould to make the release easier.

You can add more colour to the top of shallow planters or to the rim after the planter has come out of it’s mould. Fancy a shiny finish? Apply the Chalk Paint Lacquer all over your planter. A bit of lacquer on the inside of the planter where your plant will be potted helps stop the concrete drawing water out of the potting earth.

These planter look great on your window sill but also make lovely handmade presents.


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