Distressed Finishes by 2015 Painter in Residence

Angieszka Krawczyk featured as Annie Sloan’a 2015 Painter in Residence. Here she is talking about heavily distressed finishes! Happy painting! 



Agnieska started with a Chalk paint palette of French Linen, Original, Emile, Henrietta Paris Grey, Old Violet, a mix of Antoinette and Old White and a mix of Paloma and Old White to apply layers of colour to the sides and legs of the table. She scraped and sanded the layers of paint as she went along, distressing the paint work heavily - creating depth and texture similar to the patina of old, flaking paintwork.

Agnieska used a few coats of Old White and Original on the top of the cupboard and then used her wood working tools to distress areas. Craqueleur varnish was the applied to create a cracked effect - Agnieska applied a wash of Paris Grey to subtly highlight the cracks. Inside the drawers have been painted in Duck Egg, and the sides of the drawers are a this coat of Old Violet. The piece has been finished with Soft Clear Wax. 

Agnieszka used her Medium Pure Bristle Brush to build up layers of Chalk Paint. She took a palette of Provence, Duck Egg Blue, Greek Blue, Louis Blue, Old White and Pure and applied some colours directly from the tin, and mixed others to create lighter shades. Using a scraper, putty knife, chain and sandpaper she chipped and scraped away at the surface to create texture. This is always manual work, she never uses an electric sander! Agnieszka painted the inside of the chest in Provence, and then finished the piece with Annie Sloan Soft Clear Wax.

Agnieszka started the transformation by applying a couple of layers of Florence (one of her favourite colours) to the outside of the cupboard. Distressing each layer using a metal scraper, sand paper and putty knife, to reveal areas of the original golden wood. Agnieszka painted the shelves and interior of the cupboard in Graphite (a soft black that can be darkened with Annie Sloan Dark Wax) and then, once dry, gently sanded the paint back in certain areas. To finish the cupboard Agnieszka applied Annie Sloan Clear Wax all over the interior and exterior surface, before the Clear Wax was dry she began working Annie Sloan Dark Wax into the surface – this highlights texture, darkens the colour and adds richness and depth. Agnieszka left the wax to dry without buffing to create a beautiful matt finish.

Agnieszka used a palette of Provence, Pure, Old White, Napoleonic Blue, Antoinette, Louis Blue and Antibes Green on the outside of the chest, to create layers of colour and texture. Some of these colours were used as they come out of the tin, others were mixed to create softer and lighter shades. As soon as the paint was dry she used a scraper, sandpaper and putty knife to begin chipping in to the paint. The inside of the drawers have been painted in Duck Egg Blue, and the edges have been painted with Napoleonic Blue to frame the shape. To finish the piece Agnieszka used Clear Wax

For this project Agnieszka used soft, romantic neutral colours from the Chalk Paint palette to create a beautiful, elegant piece. French Linen, Paris Grey, Old White and Antoinette have been applied using an Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush, to create layers and depth of colour – again, as Agnieszka applies paint and allows it to dry, she then distresses the paint with sandpaper and a scraper, before applying the next layer. Agnieszka then applied Annie Sloan Clear Wax all over the shelves, with a dash of Annie Sloan Dark Wax to highlight the texture.

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